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The most extravagant weddings of Viktorian era

In the Victorian era, it was decided that different plants and flowers had special, unique meanings. At that time, people began to use flowers to send each other personal messages or secret correspondances in situations where they would otherwise be unable to express themselves or their feelings for one another. Nowadays, although we are much more able to express our emotions openly, using flowers as a way to send a subtle message to a friend or your sweetheart is an extra-special way to add meaning to your wedding day.

Some common flowers that are often used to express a variety of positive emotions are as follows:


These gorgeous, often purple or blue downward-facing bulbs, were commonly used to express kindness and gratitude. Due to those expressions, they were also often used to symbolize everlasting love. Since they generally flower between April and June, bluebells would be a perfect edition to your spring wedding, to represent the gratitude and love between you and your future spouse.


Another very common flower used in floral communication was the tulip, a flower that comes in so many colors that it has many meanings, each depending on the color of the beautiful flower being presented. Traditionally, tulips in general are associated with perfect, passionate love, although you can add intricacies to that by varying the colors involved. For example, white tulips symbolize royalty or purity while yellow tulips are meant to be welcoming and friendly. Tulips are an especially great option for your wedding, as you can use different colors tulips to represent different things, all while keeping a cohesive look to your day.


These playful, fun flowers represent almost exactly what you would imagine they would: cheerfulness, playfulness, and innocence. The bright, cheery color combination of yellows and whites make these flowers pop, a

nd help solidify their meaning as a positive, playful, happy bloom. Use these in your bouquet or those of your bridesmaids to help cultivate a fun, lighthearted vibe.


Daffodils have a few traditional meanings, all of which lend themselves well to weddings and can be suited to fit the needs for your specific day! Some common understandings are chivalry, inspiration, and new beginnings. This sweet flower might just be the perfect bloom for a traditional couple, or even a blended family wedding“new beginnings” sounds like the perfect fit for such an occasion!


Violets (which are also the traditional flower to represent a 50th wedding anniversary!) have a beautiful symbolic meaning. They are traditionally known to stand for modesty, candor (honesty), and love. Of course, those meanings are a beautiful enough reason to incorporate violets into your wedding, but it’s extra sweet to know that when you use them in your big day, you’re making a call out to your future 50th anniversary as well.

Baby’s Breath

This flower, which is commonly found in many modern weddings, has a beautiful meaning behind itthe traditional understanding is that baby’s breath is symbolic for pure emotion or pure love. Because of this, it is not uncommon for many florists to include at least a few sprigs of this beautiful little bloom into bridal bouquets or wedding corsages for tradition’s sake. They are also often, unsurprisingly, included in bouquets given to expecting or new mothers.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the rose. The ever-traditional flower for every important celebration, roses are particularly interesting as far as Victorian flower language goes because their meanings are extremely relevant to their color, similar to tulips, but perhaps even more-so. Although most different types of roses represent love, the deepness and particulars of the love change depending on the color of the blooms. For example, red roses often represent passionate love while pink roses represent a more innocent, first love feeling.

How to Incorporate Flower Meanings Into Your Wedding

The wonderful thing about flower meanings is there are many options to choose from, which means you can use the different flowers in different aspects of your big day. Perhaps you’ll incorporate friendly, positive daisies into your centerpieces while having a focus on romantic roses for your bouquets. You could even choose a special type or color of flower for you and your partner’s bouquet or boutineer and keep it to yourselves, so the two of you can share a special secret symbol that no one else knows about. There are many, many different flowers with a whole plethora of meanings, so you’re sure to be able to find the exact option you’re looking for to fit the theme, aesthetic, and taste of your wedding, all while adding some extra special meaning elements as well.

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