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Everyone wants to feel special on her birthday. One way to provide this feeling of specialness is to gift the birthday celebrant in your life with a beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers. When selecting the perfect flowers to make up your birthday gift, take time to consider the message that each bloom will send, selecting the option that best suits your desired meaning and effectively makes your recipient’s birthday a more memorable one.

Iris Bouquet

Irises are a delicate spring flower that symbolically represent a compliment. If you wish to compliment your recipient on her youthful looks, or share your delight at her gracefully aging another year, send these flowers. The 20 Blue Iris bouquet from ProFlowers is especially birthday appropriate. The bouquet arrives when the irises are still in bud form, allowing the recipient to delight in seeing the flowers blossom and mature, much the way she has only gotten more beautiful as the years have passed.

Lily Delight

Exotic and attractive lilies represent happiness and prosperity, making them a perfect birthday flower. Send your birthday celebrant a bouquet comprised only of lilies, or delight her with a mixed bouquet prominently featuring this flower, such as the Birthday Spectacular from ProFlowers, which features a mixture of Stargazer lilies and blue irises.

Cheery Sunflowers

Vivid sunflowers are enough to brighten anyone’s day, making them a wonderful birthday floral present. Send a bouquet of these larger-than life beauties as a thoughtful and meaningful birthday gift. Because the sunflower represents pure love, this floral present is appropriate not just for those towards whom you feel romantic love, but also for friends or family members you cherish and love unconditionally.

Month-Specific Flowers

Much like each month is associated with a gem, there is a flower tied to each calendar page. For a truly thoughtful birthday gift, send your recipient a bouquet of the blooms associated with the month in which her birthday falls. If the recipient was a March baby, for example, send her a collection of spring daffodils. Similarly, if she was born in June, gift her a bouquet of roses.


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