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Hello! Who we are,

We are a company dedicated to the elaboration of floral designs for more than 10 years of experience, plants and trees bonsai in silk flower to decorate the house, office, business or any place of your liking, giving a touch of elegance, warmth and harmony .
Committed to environmental conservation using only silk flowers of high durability, quality and dust repellent, with the sale, rental and membership benefit service for the decoration of the place you choose or event you want.

Why choose us?

Our arrangements use the highest quality and service, always with the promise of using quality, our silk flowers can last 3 to 5 years depending on the care granted.
Our florists are totally professional and trained call us on our phones 646-400-3021 or 925-518-7281 or send an email to and we will gladly give you a quote for your arrangements in addition to advice if they are natural flowers for special orders for their best duration


Monica Johnson

I was surprised by the gorgeous wedding decorations. Fantastic job, really!

Monica Johnson,CA
James Carter

Lovely! My wife was happy to receive one the most amazing bouquets ever.

James Carter, TX
Alice Mason

Your flower compositions are great. Simple and elegant, just how I like them.

Alice Mason, NYC

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